Corporate Sponsorships

January 28, 2023

Your Gift will create Healthier Highways

Please join your industry colleagues  that are  supporting our  programs and initiatives to  create Healthier Highways.  Together we can raise awareness of the chronic medical conditions suffered by these front line workers and present these challenges to Legislatures, DOT, FMCSA and Certified Medical Examiners (CME).  Our efforts will help these decision-makers to understand  that unhealthy highways continue to put American citizens at risk  and prompt them to take action that addresses resulting from  the job related activities of professional drivers. 

The Foundation is assembling subject matter experts who can speak to one or more chronic conditions as  they relate to the transportation worker.  Our campaign reaches Certified Medical Examiners and jump-starts recommendations, guidance and  and information sharing about therapeutic remedies. These activities are designed to assist CMEs with driver retention and create Healthier Highways that limit the risk to Americanscitizens who  are on the road.

We invite you to assist in offsetting our cost by becoming a Sponsor of HTF and supporting our efforts to Shift Into Better Health. 

Advisory Board

Subject Matter Expert

$ 25,000 00
  • Chronic Disease Subject Matter Expert
  • Appointment of CMO to HTF Medical Board
  • Influence legislative initiatives and grant submission and distribution
  • Participation in corporate roundtable (in person or virtual) to provide input for future HTF initiatives (variation by chronic disease)
  • Semi Annual email communication (branded or unbranded) to HTF audience including CMEs , Fleet Benefits Managers and ‘Long Haul’ professional drivers
  • Appointed Staff to discuss your specific interest
  • Includes benefits from the Leadership level


Industry Influencers

$ 15,000 00
  • Opportunities to present Sponsor Initiatives to HTF Staff, Board and Medical Advisory Committee
  • Access to HTF leadership who will share information about current health and wellness trends influencing the transportation industry
  • Invitations to digital and in person VIP receptions at transportation conferences
  • Annual email communication to HTF audiences including CMEs, Fleet Benefit Managers and Long Haul Professional Drivers
  • Appointed Staff to discuss your specific interest
  • Includes benefits from the Advisory Level


Thought Leadership

$ 7,500 00
  • Invitation to attend HTF roundtable meetings discussing driver chronic conditions and therapeutic solutions
  • Spotlight in HTF digital publications of your choice for one month
  • Access to networking experiences with Board Level and Leadership level sponsors
  • HTF Staff interview to discuss your specific interest
  • Includes benefits from the Admbassador Level


HTF Champions

$ 5,000 00
  • Recognition in one quarterly newsletter
  • Updates from HTF leadership on legislative progress and grant opportunities
  • Your Brand displayed on website and HTF publications
  • Permission to display HTF brand, its campaign brands on your publication, website and digital media
  • Social Media and Email Cobranded awareness templates

Personal donation

In Memoriam

$ 5 or more
  • In recognition of a former professional driver and the personal sacrifices they made to keep America Moving.
  • Your loved one will be included on our in Momoriam wall and metioned in our monthly newsletters
  • You will be listed as a donor as someone supporting Healthier Highways
  • Your gift in Memoriam of a fellow driver will help fund research and providing Health & Wellness programs for the professional Driving Community.

do you want to create a campaign to speak directly to the transportation industry? Just completed the form below and one of our specialist will contact you within 24 hours.