April 18, 2024

Our mission


In partnership with the Healthy Trucking of America (HTA), www.healthytruck.org an organization founded in 1997,  an HTF initiative is underway.

The goal is to generate Federal, State and philanthropic funding to assist with research, driver health and wellness awareness and a lifestyle change program (LCP) subsidy to participating fleets and drivers. This broad, multi-sponsored initiative will educate America’s Professional Drivers on the importance of and strategies for managing their metabolic health.

HTF seeks to provide Certified Medical Examiners with information and tools to identify and monitor the chronic conditions of a professional drivers obtaining or renewing a CDL license is key to maintaining individual livelihoods and ensuring the safety of the American public. Programs are expected to reduce driver turnover and improve the fleets’ ability to provide healthy, essential frontline workers.

HTA has collaborated with Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (ADCES), ICF Next and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to implement the Shift Into Better Health program to address the challenges among professional drivers who are symptomatic to pre-diabetes and obesity. The program measures include audio podcasts consisting of key messages and tips to eat healthy, lose weight, recommendations to become more physically active, including opportunities to manage stress and other encouragement for male professional drivers to complete an online Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Program.


Grants will support broad educational initiatives to expand the Shift into Better Health program addressing the metabolic health of America’s professional drivers. HTA has structured the program to engage three key audiences:


HTA will engage with 4MM professional drivers, prompting them to access education and useful tools and interventions to improve their cardio-metabolic health and potentially protect their livelihoods.

Working with clinicians and recognized personalities, HTA will develop and promote 10 podcasts over the program duration. Through its work with this community, HTA has identified podcasts as a highly effective communication tool for the drivers.


CMEs, healthcare providers licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to perform the bi-annual physicals for drivers, are often the providers of primary care for drivers and their families. Programs will provide the CMEs with the latest information on lifestyle modification and interventions to address pre-diabetes, T2DM, liver health, sleep apnea, and obesity.


Support for programs to advance better health and safety of America’s professional drivers will go a long way towards impacting everyone’s road safety and ensuring timely delivery of needed products nationwide.

About The Healthy Transportation Foundation

Healthy Transportation Foundation (HTF) is 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 2014 that seeks Federal, State and Philanthropic funding to assist with research, driver health and wellness awareness and lifestyle change program (LCP) subsidy to participating Fleets and drivers.