liver disease

Over 47% of Professional Drivers suffer

Today, there is a pressing need for strategies to help keep professional drivers and other transport workers at peak health so they can remain productive and stay safe behind the wheel. 


Over 60% of Professional Drivers suffer

This lifestyle often manifests itself in poor diets, with many truckers often eating pre-packaged meals in the cabs of their trucks or at fast food restaurants along their routes.


Over 60% of Professional Drivers suffer

Professional Drivers experience a high prevalence of metabolic syndrome with associated diseases and conditions spanning obesity, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, vision loss, liver health, sleep apnea and related metabolic conditions.

sleep disorders

Over 62% of Professional Drivers suffer

A lack of sleep affects Drivers memory, performance and ability to think clearly. If a Driver is severely sleep-deprived, they may even experience neurological problems such as mood swings and hallucinations.

did you know?

professional drivers are an especially vulnerable occupational group with adverse health outcomes

-bill gordon, chairman healthy transportation foundation

Economic Analysis Model Suggests Screening People for Fibrosis with Non-Invasive Tests Cost-effective

COVID-19 Impact: Higher Risks of Severity Among Obese and Chronic Liver Disease Patients

Truckers Confront Risk Factors for Diabetes

Small solution helps drivers fight big sleep apnea problem

fleets near you are looking for a local cme! register here!  

If your a licensed medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry, we would like to hear from you.

HTF is partnered with fleets around the country and with the CDC for our Shift Into Better Health campaign to support the health of America’s Professional Drivers.  In addition to performing health certification, HTF is looking for Certified Medical Examiners in local communities nationwide that perform health certification exams and engage in or are interested in playing a broader role in the health of professional drivers.  The more you share about your professional interests, the more we can communicate those to Fleets who can recommend your services as well as provide educational resources to support your practice.

CME’s that complete registration will be added to our preferred registry of active physicians.  We are distributing this registry to fleets all over the country.

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