June 20, 2024

Healthy Trucking of America and Amsety announce their cooperation to address the Liver health crisis in the industry

Carlsbad, CA & Montgomery, ALJuly 16, 2020 Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) and Amsety announce a cooperation to provide long-haul truck drivers with liver-healthy nutrition and raise awareness about liver health in the industry. 

Truckers face unique challenges in maintaining their overall health, specifically liver health. Unhealthy eating patterns, low quality of available food, and a sedentary lifestyle often lead to obesity and metabolic problems among the truckers. Over two-thirds of American truckers are considered obese, a study showed. As a result, truckers are especially in danger of developing a liver disease, such as fatty liver, fibrosis, or liver cirrhosis.

“Today, every third American has a liver problem. Truckers are one of the most affected population groups due to the requirements of their profession. Lack of awareness about liver health and lack of liver-healthy, delicious snacks are some of the issues. We believe that our collaboration with Amsety will contribute to truckers’ health”, says Bill Gordon, President of Healthy Trucking Association of America.

Amsety and HTAA will collaborate to educate the Trucking Community on the importance of a healthy liver. Nutritional and lifestyle changes are usually recommended as a primary step in liver health care. HTAA Health Coaches will use Amsety’s Liver Health Score as a tool to assess drivers lifestyle habits and their effect on liver health. Amsety Bars, the first nutrition bars to support liver health, will be offered to Fleets and Drivers. Designed to meet the dietary requirements of liver health, Amsety Bars can help truckers replace an unhealthy snack with a liver supporting alternative — making it easy to eat healthy during and after long hauls.

Amsety Bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, very low in sodium, organic, kosher, are free of refined sugar, and contain Amsety´s trademarked Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix®.

98% of liver health experts would recommend Amsety Bars and 97% rank nutrition as the most important driver for liver health — according to a survey at the AASLD Liver Meeting.

“Liver disease is a massive health risk for Americans, and specifically for truckers. We want to raise awareness for liver health and provide truckers with a daily solution for better nutrition”, says Mustafa Behan, founder and CEO of Amsety.

For truckers, HTAA and Amsety has introduced a dedicated offer, available under www.amsety.com/htaa.

About Amsety:
Amsety´s mission is to improve the lives of people with liver conditions and provide them with liver-healthy nutritional solutions and information on liver health. Developed by leading liver health experts, Amsety Bars are a breakthrough in the U.S. market being the first nutrition bars to support liver health and meet special dietary requirements for liver health. In 2018, Amsety´s Founder, Mustafa Behan, won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, presented by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, as well as Special Congressional Recognition as an entrepreneur. Amsety Bars are available at www.amsety.com. The Liver Health Score can be taken at www.amsety.com/my-liver-health-score.

About HTAA:
Since 1997, Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) has made its sole aim that of striving to improve the health and wellness of truck drivers, both independent owner/operators and fleet drivers. HTAA focuses its efforts to reach established goals to reflect this increasing attention and awareness of trucking health. HTAA is the first national organization ever formed for the purpose of addressing the lack of good health among the nation’s professional driver population. HTAA integrates specific diseases and conditions information for awareness campaigns, free screenings and solution care models for the transportation industries. More information at www.healthytruck.org.